Speakers & Artists

Gene Kogan

Gene Kogan [USA]

Gene is an artist and a programmer interested in generative systems, computer science, and software for creativity and self-expression. Gene initiated ml4a, a free book to popularize machine learning among the wider public. His talk will explore the use of AI in creative practice as well as speculate on future directions of science and art.

Martin Jan Stránsky

Martin Jan Stránský [CZ]

He lectures and is a primary neurologist at Yale University. He became an adviser to major politicians and was engaged in civil society. He specialises in neurophysiological brain function in memory and consciousness, examining the effects of technologies on the human brain, which his talk at #atconf will be about.


Merav Oren [IL]

One of 100 most influential people in Israeli hi-tech, a serial entrepreneur Merav Oren is the founder of WMN, women-led startups and female entrepreneurs centre in Tel Aviv. Merav also founded Open Restaurants, a global marketplace combining food with tech and innovation. On #atdays, she will talk about how AI and machine learning influence star-ups, businesses, creative solutions and ideas.


Peter Matúš [SK]

Peter Matúš is a Member of the Board with responsibility for the area of ​​retail banking management at Tatra Banka. On #atconf Peter will describe how artificial intelligence is already changing the financial sector and how Tatra banka sees the opportunities in the field of artificial intelligence in both – clients view and internal view.


Filip Ruisl [SK/HU]

Filip is a digital designer focusing on interaction, experience, visual and sound design. He studied on Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava and currently is an interaction designer at open innovation lab Kitchen Budapest. On #atconf, Filip will talk about the VR/AI installation Training 2038 and about the artificial intelligence put in charge over decision-making.


Adi Zamir [IL]

Adi is an entrepreneur, founder and CEO of the startup Pink Of View, the world’s first personalized predictive indicator for risk management of breast cancer driven by AI & machine learning. She also co-founded WMN, a female entrepreneurship centre. In Košice, Adi will talk about her start-up, a true game-changer.

Karol Piekarski

Karol Piekarski [PL]

Karol Piekarski is a program director at Medialab Katowice. He has led several interdisciplinary projects involving data processing and visualisation. He holds a PhD on reducing Web’s information overload. On #atconf, he’ll talk about humanists getting their hands dirty with code. 

Uri Aviv Art & Tech Days 2018

Uri Aviv [IL]

An artistic director, creative consultant and science fiction evangelist. The founder of Utopia festival, film coordinator for the Israeli Ministry of Culture and has curated programs at Sci-fi-London or Re:publica. Uri will talk on AI’s role in media, culture & society: Is AI a destructive element, or is it only a distraction?


Mária Virčíková [SK]

Maria loves interdisciplinary work, combining machine learning, design, robotics, psychology, game technology, neurosciences and business. She is a Co-founder of MATSUKO, developing a ground-breaking 3D Telepresence mixed reality technology that enables face-to-face interaction by transmitting live images of people as 3D holograms.


Barbora Ruščin [SK]

Senior Employer Brand Consultant at Deutsche Telekom and a conference host, with a background in mar/comms, IT, and HR. Her passion is organizational design and culture, and their impact on the underlying notions of the 360 brand experience (like employee engagement or customer satisfaction).
Jamie Lee Tabačka Kulturfabrik

Memoryhouse│Jamie Lee [AU] & Stanislav Dobák [SK]

Storytelling through the body, investigating uses of energy, emotion and physicality. Memoryhouse is an interdisciplinary collective that creates performance, installations, film and photography.  Jamie and Stanislav are freelance dance makers using movement to generate a fusion of works in exploring other media.


Kabal & Achab

Kabal & Achab. This notorious DJ duo has done quite a lot together – for years together with DJ Naďa they have been organizing events under Counterpoint, creating the vibrant and dance club sound by techno, house, electro, acid, ebm, italo disco, belgian new beat and other treasures that can be older than you, and they translate to the actual sound of club underground and cellars.

Audiovizuálny umelec Ofer Smilansky

Ofer Smilansky [IL]

Ofer Smilansky is an audiovisual artist composing electronic music which he enhances through live immersive shows. He works especially on the interactions between light and sound to transform the space and hence the experience of the audience.

Luis Fernandes

Luis Fernandes [PT]

The executive producer of Canal180, a media platform and a community of creators interested in creative industries and digital arts. Luis co-founded the Oporto Laboratory of Architecture and Design in 2010 and curated Get Set Festival. In Košice, Luis will lead a workshop on culture and media. 


Mladý pes [SK]

Loving art and technology and the new options that the combination of these two worlds brings, Ľubica started digging into this field in 2010 and never stopped. Matej has been interest in artificial intelligence, natural interfaces, multi-agent modeling and computer vision. During #atdays they will lead a workshop on visualization of data. 


Krzysztof Pampuch [PL]

Krzysztof is a passionate about the using mass data and implementing machine learning algorithms to solve complex cases. Automation and robotics engineer by profession, expert data scientinst in the financial sector in daily work, he cooperates with Medialab Katowice in order to introduce elements of AI into the world of cultural research. During the workshop, he’ll guide participants through the process of building their first machine learning model.


Stanislav Dobák [SK]

Dancer, choreographer, the P.A.R.T.S. (BE) graduate, photographer, cinematographer, co-founder and an artistic director of Memoryhouse Productions. Inspired by the principals of movement by Salva Sanchis and the amazing Rosas (BE), on #atdays, he’ll lead a workshop on technical skill work and improvisational tools.

Matej Mazák

Matej Mazák [SK]

Matej is an animator, illustrator and a self-proclaimed professional procrastinator. He lives as a freelance animator working on Slovak evening children shows. On Art & Tech for Kids, he will lead a workshop on the stop motion animation.

Peter Konečný ATDays

Peter Konečný [SK]

Film theorist, critic and dramaturge, editor-in-chief and founder of the most popular Slovak film portal Kinema.sk. Peter publishes in the various media (SME, .týždeň, Blokbaster), collaborates with Rádio_FM and Rádio Slovensko, as well as the Mladosť cinema. In his Art & Tech Talk, he willl showcase how AI influences the film industry.


Forma [CZ]

A collective of sound artists and musicians that presents live musical accompaniment to cult films of the last century. Forma will definitely surprise you along with a strong visual representation that offers a unique artistic experience. See them in kino Úsmev on the festival ‘s Tuesday. 

David Koronczi

Dávid Koronczi [SK]

Co-founder of the Pinchof_ visual incubator and the new leftist magazine Kapitál. In the artworks, he overlaps poetry with politics and searches for the new worlds for a man and other forms of life. Dávid will exhibit The Selfish Me(s) in the foyer of the East Slovak Gallery. 

Richard Janeček

Richard Janeček [SK]

Richard is a multimedia artist producing videos that are created using a program designed to make computer games. His absurd images work with language, time, identity, but also with poetry and humour. Richard will open an exhibition Do you remember the sunshine? in the VUNU Gallery.

Dead Janitor

Dead Janitor [SK]

Project created to fight insomnia. Broken post-industrial, clinical beats, hypno polyrhythms. These words could characterise the music project of Braňo Findrik, where melodic structures with oscillating sub-basses and various artefacts intertwine.  Dead Janitor will open an The Ills & sevenminutes AV show in the Synagogue.



sevenminutes [SK]

Róbert Farkaš is a light designer. He understands the principle of functioning, physicality, its beauty and its worth. He’s using all these in his own creation and combines art & tech. sevenminutes will lighten up the site-specific light design for the the Ills’ melancholic melodies. 

The Ills

The Ills [SK]

A remarkable audiovisual experience. The Clash magazine: “Ethereal and gentle one minute, dark and chaotic the next. Here’s a band to stand next to Red Sparrows, Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai.” In the spaces of the orthodox Synagogue, their post-rock show will truly be the spectacular one.


Game Days

Patryk Grzsescuk [PL]

Patryk is a marketing director at 11 bit studios, focusing on game marketing and digital communication. A devoted gamer for the last twenty five years and a brand/marketing specialist for the last twelve years. He believes that games are a new language and as such should be used to tell stories that matter. As a part of the 11 bit studios team, he has been responsible for strategy/creative for campaigns for This War of Mine, Beat Cop, and Frostpunk among other titles. Doodling and longboarding enthusiast after hours

Game Days

Michal Ferko [SK]

Michal is Games Lab Master in Butterfly Effect. In addition, since 2013, he has been teaching games and programming in Unity. For two years he has been working with the Spacetris team. He also acts as Unity mentor in PowerPlay Studio.

Game Days

Štefan Pavelka [SK]

Štefan is the CEO of Cypronia, an indie developer studio from Michalovce. During his years in the game industry Stefan has been directly responsible as a producer and lead designer for more than 40 games for PC and game consoles.

Game Days

Filip Fischer [SK]

During the 15 years in business he co-founded Pixelfederation, SGDA, Game Dev Hub, and Charged Monkey, in which he has been the CEO for the fourth year on the road to success. After all these years, he is most interested in the question: How does a successful game arise?

Game Days

Tomáš Danay [SK]

Animator, director and technical expert on motion capture technology. He is a graduate of the VSMU, the Animation Department, winner of the Best Animated Film Award Áčko 2014, the creative bonus of Igric 2014 and second place in the animated film category at the IFF, Tel Aviv. Currently he teaches computer animation at UAT in Bratislava. He has worked as a Facial Motion capture supervisor for NBA 2k16 and is currently working as an animation lead for Bluefaces.

Game Days

Ľubomír Timko [SK]

CEO of game company – Rembrosoft and 3D Lead at Blue Faces and master degree of VFX from VSMU, Bratislava. He has been working as a 2D and 3D graphic artist since 2007. Since then he worked on projects for clients like Microsoft, UPC or YIT. Moreover, he designs and produces several mobile games. In 2017 he completed his studies of visual effect at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava.

Game Days

Jan Kadanec [SK]

Jan is a Creative Audio Director at Grand Beats Production. His background in electrical engineering and sound design allowed him to marry the art and technology of sound creation. Jan’s talk will focus on the importance of sound in video games.

Game Days

Marek Ježo [SK]

Marek is the managing partner at BLUE FACES vfx studio. He has master degree in automation and doctorate in visual effects. He manages VFX teams up to 40 artists for tens of Hollywood’s featured films (some of them Oscar nominees) and more than 100 commercials. He teaches Visual Effects at the Academy of Performing Arts where he mentors a young generation of talented specialists.

Game Days

Michal Ivan [SK]

Illustrator and designer. Michal is working in the games industry since 2003. He cooperated on many international projects as Concept Artist, Illustrator and Art Director. His clients include companies like Riot Games, Blizzard Entertainment, Ubi soft and many others. Currently he works for SIXMOREVODKA a concept art studio based in Berlin.

Game Days

Ivan Kozmon [SK]

Ivan is a designer, animator, writer and producer from Bratislava based indie studio Doublequote Studio currently working on hand drawn spaghetti western called Blood will be Spilled.

Game Days

Mikuláš Podprocký [SK]

He is graduated sculpture at KVUaI, TU in Košice. Since 2002 he is developing art for videogames. He was involved in projects like Mafia 2, Top spin 4, Mafia 3 and recently Kingdom come: Deliverance.

Game Days

Martin Pavelek [SK]

Martin is an investor and enthusiast with background in financial management and mobile app development. After a successful campaign on Kickstarter, he and his team managed to release one of the top rated 3D puzzle adventure of today’s app stores.

Game Days

Peter Nagy [SK]

Peter is CEO and Creative Director of Games Farm and Grindstone. He completed and launched over 20 games, mostly with publishers for all over the world for PC and consoles. He is active member of SGDA, organizing monthly developers meetups in Kosice to share experience between the developers.

Game Days

Jakub Trančík [SK]

Jakub is a senior analyst and a leader of Game Growth team in the Slovak company Cellens. In Cellens, he worked with studios such as Fingersoft, Boombit, Frogmind (in partnership with Supercell), Housemarque, Keen Software House, and Madfinger Games.